Thursday, January 31, 2013


Help us, help you.  No it's not about some kid with random different facts and that actor who bleeds scientology.  We are organizing some shows this year and want to help you, the local artist.  To better let us help you, we need the following:

1. email us at
-include you name
-contact information (cell, email -the more the merrier)
-short bio/artist statement
-3 to 10 images of your work
-what typs of shows interest you, one day/night pop ups, month long gallery style, benefits and fund raisers, out of town shows, displaying at local businesses, shows where art is for sell, or display only, installs, etc.

This information will help us get to know you better as well as your art and your style.  It will also help us to contact individuals for specific shows as well as to be able to point you in the right direction of venues where your work will better be appreciated and utilized.  We curate art in over half a dozen local businesses where we can help you get publicity.  We also host about a dozen shows a year, some very large.  We also know of other shows happening across town and post about it, so you can join in on other adventures as well.  If you haven't already, join the email list on our website as well.  Every time we update with news on our blog, show registrations, shows to go see and more, you will be first to see it and not miss out.  Sometimes, show registrations fill up in less than 24 hours.  Thanks and hope to hear from you!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


   We began our new venture of helping artists show and sell their work around July of 2012.  In the last 6 months of the year, we hosted over a dozen gallery shows, pop up shows and fund raisers around the metroplex.  We found the quality of work produced by local DFW artists to be astonishing.  The love of art and the passion to make it pushed us even further to come up with new ideas and more venues to help all of us furthering our art career choice.  We thank everyone for their support they gave us this last year including the artists, their friends and families as well as the cities and business owners.  We have some grand ideas for the new year and are already pushing to make them happen.  
   With that said, we are looking for individuals that wish to help Art-Hunger grow and join the cause.  As of now, 99% of the shows are produced by just 3 of us.  We are looking for help with emails, web design, flyer production and distribution, show installation and more.  You don't have to work a certain number of hours or days or weeks.  But if you want to lend a hand and help the shows of 2013 become more awesome, please contact us via email to schedule an appointment.  
   We want to simply be another outlet for those wishing to pursue their dreams as an artist.  We will not only host one day and month long shows, but we will also be curating artwork in local businesses and changing it out every 4-8 weeks.  We are also having customers asking us for artists who can commission particular styles and types of work.  We want to help you show and sell and gain commissions.  In order to help you even further, we need your information.  All we need is a quick email from you with the following:
-contact email
-contact phone number
-short bio - optional
-short artist statement
-three to ten images of your work
-what type of shows you are interested in: one day/night, month long gallery, live painting,          commissions, etc.
   Anyone and everyone is welcome to show in an Art-Hunger show.  Young, old, hobbyist, professional, scholastic or self taught, beginner and expert.  We will post on our website, news and info about upcoming shows and call to artists.  We will also post info and links on our facebook page.  Either subscribe to our posts to know what new is happening or simply check our pages daily and weekly for updates.
   One of our first shows of the year will be displayed at the Fort Worth Community Art Center during March Gallery Night.  On display will be Mike Moffatt, John Worley, Jason Chalker and Nick C. Kirk.  This show will be on display for all of March including the huge opening reception as part of Fort Worth's prestigious Gallery Night.  We have a call for artists for another larger (10 artist) group show at the FWCAC in December 2013.  We are already halfway full.  Email us for show info.  We will also be looking for new work to go up in a few businesses around town as soon as February first.  This will entail both group and solo shows.  These venues are great for pr and getting your name out, but do give the option to sell your work.  The business location shows are FREE!  Get us your info, you will be put in our book of artists to contact.  Simple and free.  Email us at