Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Anyone interested in drawing, painting or sculpting a live model on March 2nd near Molten Metals Foundry at 701 South Main Street, Grapevine ?  I am debating having a live model come out the first Saturday of every month.  Not a class, no necessary prerequisites.  Model will pose is various positions over the course of three hours.  Do what you wish with the time, draw, paint, sculpt, etc.  I am looking at having at least one female model and perhaps one male model as well.  The facility can hold a good 30 artists probably.  Price will only be $35.00  and/or $85.00 if you wish to have instructions/help.  You must bring your own materials, drawing board, easel, etc.  Simple easels may be rented for 10.00  Email Nick at nickckirk@yahoo.com if interested, please reply asap so the facility can be booked.  Also express if you wish to come during the day 11am-2pm or night 6pm-9pm.

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