Saturday, July 6, 2013

Art-Hunger hosts URBAN LEGENDS. 5 venues. 70 artists. fashion show. live art. live bands. dj's. food trucks. only $5


URBAN LEGENDS — Art-Hunger’s One Year Anniversary Show. Art-Hunger is a Fort Worth/Dallas organization for both emerging and established artists who have the desire to show and sell their artwork, network, socialize, share, learn, practice skills, and gain exposure.

We're hosting our one-year anniversary show in Deep Ellum—spread across FIVE separate venues in the 2600 block of Main Street.

Prepare for sensory overload as you explore 70 visual artists, live fashion presentations, local bands, DJs, food trucks, and more! There will be raffles, give-aways, live auctions, live painting, and an outside-art free-wall for demonstrations and for onlookers to try their own hand at painting. Each venue will have a different vibe as eclectic as Deep Ellum—from a fine art gallery style setting, to market style artist booths, one-day artist installations, a runway fashion show, a break dance competition, and live musical performances ranging from rock’n’roll to indie to metal to hip hop.

Art-Hunger is turning ONE this July and we're doing it BIG!!

If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact Nick at . Artists may also head over to and register for a booth space or wall space. Sponsors, bands, and businesses please send inquiry to Nick (above) for information on how to sign up and promote your business during the event.

Art-Hunger is organized and run by local artists and art lovers who donate their time, skills, and resources to make these events possible. (Read: the generous team that makes Art-Hunger possible does not make any profit.) The anniversary show will be our primary fundraiser for the upcoming year. All monies raised will go directly back into providing inexpensive and free opportunities for artists to show and sell their artwork. Our mission is to further each artist's dream and passion of making art. All registration fees go to venues, advertising, and materials for each event. Not only do we host dozens of shows around the metroplex, we also venture out of city, state, and country!

Entry to all 5 venues is only 5.00 for the entire night! First 50 guests will receive a gift bag!

We will post more artists participants, bands and sponsors every week.

Nick C. Kirk
Mike Moffatt
John Worley
Stephanie Wray
Tom Carlton
Ashley Jones
Nikole Hester
Unikorn Kiddo
Richard McCoy
Amy Stevens
Holli Michener
Dianna Pricket
Pop Tart Cherry
David Rodriguez
Ashley Hansen
Heather Horton
Amber Davis
Carlos Donjuan
Anthony Pham
Frieda Verlage
Magic Rhyno
Shane Harrison
Jason Weiner
Christopher Bingham
Ronald Shelton
Sara Ayala
Ryan Davis
Breonny Lee
Sara Dierking
Artist DIY
Jody Pham
Marilyn Vicente
Janelle Jex
Jonathan Davis
Raymond Marks
Amy Smith
Monica Moody
Fernando Barron
Elisa Hernandez
Briana Musgrove
Cheryl Anderson
Hannah Taylor
Alan Stegall
Ed McDermott
Chase Fleischman
Jacqui Wilson
William Ross
Tammie Carson
Melissa Dacy
Joe Melgoza
Judith Bartush
Kelly Jacobi
Jazzy Creations
Iris Candelaria
Awarding Greatness
Jo Temple
EPG Photography
Hatziel Flores
Jeru Gabriel
Ray Albarez
Jason Chalker
Julie Boland
Edward Brassard
Pat Stephens
Rasheedat Jaji

Live Artists demonstrating the art of spray paint:
Kirk Garnett
Edertron Sole
Nick C. Kirk

DJ Train
DJ WholeEfnShow
DJ Priest
DJ Spiderman
DJ Ez Eddie D
DJ Tums
DJ AssassiNate
Rania Khoury
Satellite Dream

Holy Frijoles
Little Greek Food Truck
Parrot Icce

Protege Productions
Tint School of Hair & Cosmetology
Bohem Unique Gems
Esoterica Salon Bishop Arts
Kirk & Associates
Oink Art Ltd.
The Basement Gallery
WAAS Gallery
Work It Records
Biz Heard
Martin House Brewery

Find out more at: Facebook


  1. Oh yeah! Late entry? TinStarTacoTaxi! Gourmet tacos! Stave off your hunger with the most gourmet (artisan) tacos ever!

    1. Holy Frijoles
      Little Greek Food Truck
      Parrot Icce

      Holy Frijoles in Texas? I know them from Baltimore! What's next? No Way Jose's and Little Havana's?

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