Friday, April 8, 2016


Check out the latest art provoked podcast hosted by John Worley of Art-Hunger.  John will be bringing in local artists, art lovers, critical thinkers and other talented passionate Texans to talk shop.  His first 2 episodes can be heard here while the new website is in the works.  Click the link to listen in! -->  CRIT TANK

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Loud Productions interviews Art-Hunger!

We, Art-Hunger are in the midst of making a new website!  We can't wait to share all of the new ideas and amazing events coming your way in 2016!  In the meantime, check out this fun interview by the talented and loving Amanda with Loud Productions!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Watercolor Workshop Description (John Worley):

Watercolor Workshop: 10:00 am – 2:00pm (arrive by 9:30 am) 

Minimum Recommended Experience Level: Novice to Intermediate
This workshop is aimed at artists who already have a strong foundation in drawing who want to advance their painting technique skill level.

(examples of watercolor on paper by John Worley)

Instruction, lecture, and studio time under the tutelage of contemporary painter John Worley. First you will learn all of the fundamental techniques of watercolor painting which are applicable to any situation and to anyone’s style, as well as the principles of color mixing. As the workshop progresses, you will engage in lessons designed to show the importance of compositional balance, the relationship between positive and negative space, layering color and more. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced amateur looking to improve this workshop will prove beneficial in your artistic development. 

Acrylic Workshop Description (T.M. Rhyno):

Acrylic Workshop: 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm (arrive by 1:45 pm) 

Minimum Recommended Experience Level: Novice to Intermediate
This workshop is aimed at artists who already have a strong foundation in drawing who want to advance their painting technique skill level.

Students of T.M. Rhyno will learn simple techniques that translate into awe-inspiring artwork with immediate results. Utilizing only 3 colors for the entire workshop, this course focuses heavily on understanding tone and values, and, how their respective relationships dictate the impact of your art. Some of the topics covered during this course will be: 

(examples of acrylic on illustration board by T.M. Rhyno)
- Achieving great visual results using minimal painting     techniques and materials 

- The importance of dualism relative to painting 

- Personal expression in painting using a limited palate 

- Optical mixing for visual effect, texture and tonal nuance 

- Understanding the importance and influence of layering 

- Understanding how line, form, and texture can lend  authenticity to your work 

- Defining personal style in your art when not first presented with the option 

- How to effectively pre-plan your creative approach 

- How to avoid mistakes and what to do once you’ve made them 

Video recording for personal enrichment purposes is ALLOWED!
However, please DO NOT upload any recorded videos to online public forums or social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube. Thanks!! - JW / TMR 

*There are only 20 seats available for each workshop so please enroll as early as possible.
Class Registration

Watercolor Workshop Material List – All Materials Can Be Bought On Site.
·       Fluid watercolor block 9” x 12” (880912)
·       Princeton Brush Pack (9140)
·       Plastic muffin tray (JR10101112)
·       Faber-Castell aquarelle HB pencil
·       Grumbacher Academy watercolor paint: Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine   
        Blue, Ivory Black, Quinacridone Magenta, Pthalo Turquiose, (Titanium White – 
        professional grade, any brand)

Watercolor Workshop Additional Items
These items are optional. Bring them if you have them, but there is no need to purchase them.
·       Any other additional colors you may want.
·       Paper towels (Viva is the best choice)
·       Small hair dryer
·       Typewriter eraser
·       Faber-Castell aquarelle HB pencil
·       Spray bottle or spritzer

Acrylic Workshop Material List – All Materials Can Be Bought On Site.
·         Acrylic paint – Liquitex heavy body or Golden heavy body - Cadmium Red, Titanium 
          White and Carbon Black (Lamp Black will also work)
·         Typewriter eraser
·         White vinyl eraser
·         Pencils, 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B
·         Hot-press illustration board 10” x 12”
·         Princeton Brush Pack (9140)
·         Plastic paint trays, any will do - (I use a deviled egg tray)
·         Empty water container (I use an empty plastic coffee container)
·         Spray bottle or spritzer
·         Scrap paper or index cards (Index cards are the better choice between the two  options)

Acrylic Workshop Additional Items
These items are optional. Bring them if you have them, but there is no need to purchase them.
·       Toothbrush
·       Blending stump or cotton swabs
·       Hair dryer (to speed up paint drying times)
·       Micron technical pens
        Kneaded eraser

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Join in if you have a love and passion for the Arts.

Art, Theater. Music, Architecture, Dance, Fashion, Photography, Video Games, Culinary, Film, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and More!
Speak your mind even if your voice shakes!
State your opinion and ideas about what qualities the next Arts Council president should have in order to support our creative community -- innovative programs, funding, resources, etc. for individual artists and organizations.
This is not the city’s plan. This is your plan for your future!
Thursday, Aug. 21 @ 5:30 pm
Saturday, Aug. 23 @ 10 am
Riverside Arts District
Parking lot at 2902 Race Street
Between WoCA & Art Studios on Race Street

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Jefferson Blvd. is hosting their annual Cinco De Mayo Parade and Festival this Saturday, and we are looking to bring life to the side of the street owned by Jim Lake Companies, the 300 block between Madison and Bishop Ave. 

Spaces are free to vendors, but we do ask that you fill out the Application so that we know how many vendors to expect.
Set up will be at 10am on Saturday, as the parade begins at 11am on the 200 block of Jefferson. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Best of the Biennial

Reception: Friday, April 4, 2014; 6 - 9pm  
The Exhibition Advisory Panel, comprised of area arts professionals, selected 43 artworks from the 2014 Biennial as examples of the best that were in the exhibit.  Ballots were distributed during Spring Gallery Night, and by popular vote, two other artworks were selected as People's Choice.  And new this year, by tweet or Facebook, viewers chose one more piece of art as the Social Media Choice.  Selected artists are: Vickie Austin, Elizabeth Bowie, Carol Benson, Jim Brightwell, Susan Brown, Phyllis S. Bullon, Suzan Cook, Karen Ferrer, Teresa Foster, Larry Gentry, Michelle C. Gonzales, Cindi Holt, Raymond Knight, Sarah Lassen, Riley Lohmer, Robert Oliver Lukach, James Malone, Mandylopandy, Frank Mayes, Frank McCulley, Mary McMahon, Ashley Milow, Bryan Moss, George Even Olsen, Adam Palmer, Martha Peters, Robin Ragin, Jason Reynaga, Raul Rodriguez, Natalie Sales, Rick Sales, Kelly Sansom, Tita Schmid, Sharon O. Callaghan Shero, Elaine Taylor, Robertus J. van der Wege, Ronald Watson, Sands S. Weems, Mary Ann White, Cindi Wills, Deran Wright, Kimberly Yant, Shahla Yma.  People's Choice winners are Sunnie LeBlanc with Trawlers and James Haddock with Obama.  Social Media Choice is Olga Wharton with Follow the Moon.   

All the other galleries in the FWCAC will also be having openings this Friday from 6-9pm. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fort Worth Spring Gallery Night
The Fort Worth Art Dealer’s Association (FWADA) invites you to take-in the visual arts and our community’s unique cultural richness during Spring Gallery Night, March 29, 2014. Most participants are open from noon to nine. Come take a stroll through participating galleries, museums, retail businesses, and area restaurants, and enjoy the many artists featured during this community event. Gallery Night is free and open to the public.

Art-Hunger will also be hosting a pop up show this night with over 2 dozen local artists showing and selling their work at 3009 Race Street in Fort Worth. Click for the Facebook event page.